A deli, a barbecue grill, a pancake house and Chicago style pizza await you at these top four restaurants in Topeka. That is something for all occasions, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a diversified offering of cuisines. That is quite a lot to ask out of four restaurants, so enjoy these hand selected restaurants from Topeka, Kansas.

First up is Jason’s Deli, which you know is going to serve up great sandwiches and salads. Then there is the baked potatoes, ice cream and other great eats, and treats. It is located on SW 12th Street, and by the way the salad available is part of a salad bar. Now wouldn’t that be nice to hit up for lunch or have before dinner. They likely have some great soups, too.

Old Chicago is where you get your Chicago style pizza. The establishment is on SW Wanamaker Road, which you might have noticed is a hot spot for Topeka restaurants. Old Chicago is also known for its salads, and reviews point to a nice atmosphere.

The third restaurant is Henry’s BBQ Grill, and the picture of one of their barbecue sandwiches shows what looks like at least a full pound of meat. This establishment is located on SW Topeka Boulevard, and not only do the reviews say that you get barbecue favorites like ribs and pulled pork, but they serve up biscuits and gravy, too.

The fourth and final Topeka Kansas restaurant is Hanover’s Pancake House. While biscuits and gravy might sound good too, save room for a couple of short stacks and more at Hanover’s Pancake House. It is located on S Kansas Avenue, and they also serve up great French toastx corned beef hash and a lot of great breakfast foods you are craving. That rounds out this list of top restaurants in Topeka.

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